Tips When Business Travelling

Living out of a suitcase or on the constant move can be hard, but business travellers frequently do just that, whether it is for a trade expo dedicated to the largest cranes or investing in small businesses we have compiled a list of tips on from scoring upgrades to the best method to pack a suitcase for your business trip. Essentially, anything to make travel easier for the business traveller.

Have one go-to piece of luggage

Have one go-to bag that always works, regardless of what sort of trip you’re taking. This kind of bag makes your travel easier as you are familiar with how much you can fit and know that although it may only be a carry on it contains all that you need.

Pack less than you believe you need

The way this works is to think about what you would like to bring and then cut that list down, by a lot. You don’t want to have to locate a crane hire business to lift your luggage. Therefore, a rule of thumb is from what you would like to take, take half out, chances are you will only end up wearing a two-thirds of that.

Take darker clothes

By taking darker clothes that are easier to conceal stains, you are enabling a whole lot more practicality and functionality to what you can and will want to do on your trip. If you worry too much about how you look when travelling you miss out on the great sites and places around you.

Minimise wrinkles

Minimise wrinkles by packaging dress shirts in dry cleaner bags. Keep dress shirts and easier creased business attire in the dry cleaner plastic since it will help to minimise wrinkles and then as soon as you arrive at your destination immediately take them out of the bag, put them into the shower, turn the hot shower on, and it’s like a steam press to get the wrinkles out.

Consider packing a digital bag scale

Over-packing can end up costing you a few hefty fees. To avoid this, invest in a digital bag scale. This is a great tool as it lets you monitor how much extra weight you have added to the bag along the way, as timber products will be heavier than a plastic products or souvenirs. , and makes sure you do not get slapped with excess baggage fees unexpectedly.

Pack only versatile pieces of clothes

The temptation is there to want to pack your favourite outfit or standout piece, but if you are trying to pack lighter, bring pieces of clothes that go with everything and you can layer to create a different look.

Cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts, and things which you can layer along with one another, and scarfs.

Charge everything the night before your journey

Charge everything you are going to need the night or a few days before, and put it near your car keys and purse/wallet so you do pack it in your carry-on before driving to the airport.

Be loyal to Businesses

Be loyal to businesses and they will treat you nicely.

The key thing for business travel is frequent flyer points. You want to be brand loyal so that you can get that elite status and have access to additional perks and upgrades. If you don’t want to stick to one particular airline or hotel chain get a rewards credit card that allows you gather miles and points no matter which company you choose to go with.

Know the difference between nonstop versus direct

Know the distinction between non-stop and direct flights. Especially if you are on business and moving to and from meetings, it is such a waste of time to have a day to get there and a day to get back (because of layovers). But do not confuse “direct” flights for “non-stop” flights after booking.

A direct flight might still cease, but you would only stay on the airplane instead of needing to switch planes where a ‘nonstop’ flight does not stop at all.

Order a special meal to get fed first

If missing out on airplane meat would not disappoint you too much, it is possible to attempt a trick for getting served before everybody else on flights.

By ordering vegetarian foods it classifies as a special meal where you are inclined to get served first. Then you can just go to sleep and won’t have to wait for everyone to have their meal.

Use apps to track your miles

What does not make sense is the reason a lot of people are not keeping track of their points and miles as they are such fantastic resources that are worth a lot of money depending on the way you redeem them. If you want to make your life easier then sign up for a miles tracking site like AwardWallet. It’s a one-stop shop for tracking miles from all of your accounts, including your passwords for every single one.

Tell the hotel staff if you’re celebrating

Imagine being in a nice timber frame styled hotel room celebrating a special event. You may want to let the hotel know whether it is your birthday or special occasion and if you are part of their loyalty program, as you may be lucky enough to get an upgrade and stay in an even more luxurious room than before.