The Best International Off-road Trails

As anyone who manages to head offroad even occasionally will tell you, an adequate 4WD and a will to explore are all you need to get out there and see places most people never dream of.

And if you are a genuine offroad nut, then there really are few better places on earth to be born than Australia. What other nation is home to landscapes as varied as Cape York’s tropical beaches and jungles, the High Country’s arctic ridges, the Kimberley’s majestic contrasts and the primitive beauty of the red center? It is also worth mentioning that there are mind-blowing offroad destinations available on every continent on earth. While the logistics of moving 4WDing overseas are certainly tricky, remember that nothing is impossible if you want it enough, just take a look at all the backpackers that make the pilgrimage to our beaches every year.

Take a peek at these epic offroad destinations from around the world, and get motivated to tick a few of them off some day.


This 225km track runs from Bullhead City in Arizona into Newberry Springs in California and has been initially blazed by Mohave Native Americans. The desert track has been followed by European colonisers, Spanish explorers, and generation after generation of offroad pilgrims, searching for their own truths in the desert. It is tough, dusty and dry, and there’s lots of wildlife to look out for, but you will notice a side of America you won’t find anywhere else unless you go off-road.


Iceland’s the property of Viking mythology, the Northern Lights, and the world’s most gorgeous women, who knew it was also home to an epic 4WD destinations? The Golden Circle is a 300km loop from the funds of Reykyavik into fundamental Iceland and back, seeing amazing national parks, geothermal valleys and the famous Geysir and Strokkur geysers.


The gateway from Europe into North Africa and the Middle East, Morocco’s a meeting and melding of cultures. The Dades Valley is located 350km inland in the funding of Marrakesh, also is one of the most popular offroad destinations in the nation. Plenty of tour operators provide day trips from the capital to visit the surreal landscapes of the Dades Valley and nearby Atlas Mountains.


The UAE are one of the largest markets for LandCruisers in the Earth, and for good reason because the terrain is tough on the market. The Wadi spans UAE’s western deserts, towards the border with Oman and is home to archaeological remains well over 100,000 years old. There is plenty of desert dune driving to be performed, so a dependable 4wd with a nudge bar and knowledgeable guides are an essential.


This 100km offroad alpine trail traverses Colorado’s San Juan Mountains and crosses two 3,600m passes. The trail passes by many deserted ghost towns while also offering panoramic views reminiscent of Australia’s Victorian High Country. The trail can be closed over winter during poor weather.

However, even when off-road driving internationally there are some things you need to remember.

It’s one thing to respect nature while you’re out and about in it, however don’t think that just because you have your own cruise control on, your 4-wheel drive engaged with all your 4wd accessories, along with a high driving position onto your side you are able to arrive safely at your event no matter what comes your way. You are never bullet-proof, either on- or off-road, and driving safely to an event is as important as driving safely while you are off the beaten path.

With driving safely goes an appropriate choice of vehicle. It should go without saying, but make sure you have a car that can perform the job. Don’t head out at a convoy of contemporary, stylish and technologically innovative four-wheel drive cars and trucks and think that the decked-out Land Rover can perform exactly the same task as those that are designed for the rough terrain.